Organisations struggle today to maintain a security posture with growing cyber incidents, difficultly in creating secure policies and finding the right tools to achieve good posture. In many cases, organisation work with the tools that are time/money consuming and do not integrate.

Below are some of the key challenges faced by any organisation to maintain the desirable security posture
  • Maintain Inventory: Organizations struggle today to maintain a comprehensive list of IT assets that needs to be protected
  • Vulnerability Assessment: There is no proper process or governance for regular assessment of application to identity weakness in the applications
  • Secure System Configuration: No standards or frameworks followed to ensure system configurations are regularly monitored and best practices are implemented
  • Monitor all assets to detect attacks: Monitoring is key to detect any vulnerabilities or attacks. Today, most organizations do not have infrastructure or right tools.
  • Subject Matter Experts: A lack of experts as well as a low level of understanding of the importance of the urgent need for system wide protection leaves organizations vulnerable to attacks.
  • Enterprise-ready security monitoring: This is required for threat detection, integrity monitoring, incident responses and compliance.
  • Agent based solution: This is necessary to support agent devices such as firewalls, switches, routers or network IDs etc.
RiskScanFX platform has several inbuilt modules with the objective of improving the overall security posture of an organization.
  • Inventory: This module gathers all the information from monitored endpoints where the agents are installed.
  • Vulnerability Detector: This module discovers vulnerabilities that might be present in OS and applications on the monitors endpoints
  • Security Configuration Assessment (SCA): This module reviews system configurations and suggests alterations when configurations fails to meet defined secure system policies.
  • Threat Detection and Response: This module identifies malware and any anomaly detection on monitored endpoints.