Delivering truly unified ITaaS experience

that reduces operating costs and generates increased revenue

Cloud Management Platform

Enabling truly automated Hybrid IT and multi-cloud management as a one stop shop

Digital Marketplace Platform

Facilitating the automated procurement, distribution and sale of products, goods and services anytime, anywhere

SaaS Management Platform

Software subscription and management at your fingertips to improve business agility through enhanced employee productivity

CloudFX enables IT to deliver a platform-driven unified IT-as-a-Service experience to end-users

To achieve higher employee productivity and increased customer satisfaction, businesses need to provide a unified experience across the spectrum to staff and clients alike. This facilitates business agility, innovation and makes it imperative for IT to move to a platform-based model without any shackles of technology lock-ins.


Platform Enabling Consumption Economy

Platform USP

CloudFX platform has been developed using open standards, ultra-modern technologies and integrations that deliver


  • Self-service catalogues to avoid cloud sprawl and shadow IT
  • Enhanced billing & analytics that dissect, aggregate and help optimize costs
  • Better control via improved governance and policies


  • Simplified and rapid procurement of IT products & service
  • Improved options for vendor-agnostic IT products
  • Automated management & tracking of orders


  • Unified SaaS personalization and management
  • SaaSOps – managing SaaS services through centralized and automated operations
  • License, subscription, contract, user lifecycle and SaaS sprawl management

Business Value

One-stop shop for the technology needs of business and individual users

Enhanced end user experience and improved business agility

Provision of effective governance, compliance and security

Increased capacity to manage, allocate and achieve better value for money outcomes from expenditure on IT and cloud operations

Interfaces that are easy to use and responsive to business and individual needs

Capacity to predict, control and allocate the cost of technology resources across users, functions and business units


Birlasoft has thousands of global customers and we believe that over the next few years, the products and services that our strategic alliance will be relevant to at least 30% of them. CloudFX brings to the alliance a platform that meets the diverse requirements of enterprise customers requiring cloud management platforms, digital marketplaces and SaaS hosting capabilities as well as software development capabilities to facilitate integrations with the legacy software being operated by Birlasoft’s customers.

– Amit Srivastava, Global Head – Practices, Solutions & NextGen Cloud, Birlasoft



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