When an organization embarks on any new implementation of an IT strategy, the desired solution should:

This is the ethos behind CloudFX implementation of Cloud solutions, ensuring that all IT Projects are ‘Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely’. In other words, ‘SMART’.

In order to achieve these desired objectives, CloudFX has developed a customer engagement framework to deliver Smart outcomes.:

SMART customer engagement model has been designed to streamline the Requirements Definition and Solution implementation phases of an engagement.
This leads to:
  • A structured implementation
  • Projects being delivered on time
  • Projects delivering the exact business requirements
  • Project being implemented at the lowest possible cost
SMART Cloud Methodology is based on a truly collaborative model that facilitates and maximizes knowledge transfer of four key components:
  • The customer’s ‘Current State’
  • The customer’s desired ‘Required State’
  • CloudOps Best Practices
  • CloudFX 12+ years of experience in delivering solutions