How The CloudFX Culture and Business Philosophy Delivers Benefits to Clients

Our software development has been guided almost completely by input from clients as to what they need immediately and what capabilities they would like to have in the future. CloudFX started as an IT professional services company based in Singapore in late 2009 providing virtualisation services to a range of companies that were seeking to generate greater productivity out of their investments in hardware and software.

By 2013, a number of CloudFX clients were beginning to express an intent to relocate their technology infrastructure and back-up facilities from on-premises locations to the Cloud. Not surprisingly, at that time, CloudFX began to transition from being a professional technology services company to become a provider of Cloud focused software which had the capability to support hybrid cloud environments for larger enterprise customers that were leading the transition from on-premises data processing and storage to Cloud hosted systems that were more responsive, offered better back-up and enhanced security. Nevertheless, because most clients require a range of sometimes complex integrations with legacy software and management information systems, as well as customisation to accommodate advanced AI based transaction processing, CloudFX offers a highly skilful consulting nand professional services team.

What Our CloudFX Team Has Learned from the Progressive Refinement of Its Platforms During the Last 8 Years

  • Establish unified governance and automated lifecycle management via CloudSelectFX
  • Identify unnecessary or not frequently used cloud resources and recommend cost savings via TechSaverFX
  • Provide monitoring capabilities that identify technology performance problems immediately, generate alerts and remedial action via ObservabilityFX
  • Minimise the possibility of cyberattacks and security breaches as well as generate alerts for management via RiskScanFX
  • Enable management to have a single pane of glass view of all components and activity within an enterprise technology domain via the CloudFX platforms .

Leadership Team

Brendan Crotty, Executive Chairman

With under-graduate and post-graduate qualifications that have contributed to his capacity to handle senior management roles, Brendan is an experienced company director with a career of 20 years as a Chief Executive Officer of 2 large public companies, followed by more than 12 years as a Non-Executive Director (NED) of 8 different organizations. During his working life as a CEO and a NED, he has overseen the selection and implementation of more than 10 new management information systems and is very conscious of the time delays and disappointments that sometimes have adverse impacts on companies which are pursuing echnology upgrades. This experience gives him a sound understanding of the needs of CloudFX’s clients, as well as their requirements for risk mitigation when selecting and integrating new technology platforms that are designed to deliver, cost-effectiveness, real-time quality information and user-friendliness.

Prashant Wali, President – APAC

After completing his MBA majoring in Information Technology at Symbiosis International University in 2008 that followed the award of an Engineer’s Degree in Information Technology from the University Institute of Information and Technology, Prashant has spent close to 15 years perfecting his mastery of the development and management of products which solve real life challenges in cloud computing. During his career, which has covered advisory and consulting roles as well as software development and product management, Prashant has built a well-deserved reputation as a technology professional who focuses on the analysis of client needs and the identification of cost-effective solutions that harness the best available software on an agnostic basis.

Jay Moore, Chief Technology Officer

Jay is a highly experienced technology professional with an impressive track record of successful consulting and advisory projects since graduating from the University of North Carolina in 1988. He has significant expertise in designing the architecture for new software products and has specialized in the development of Enterprise IT Transformation, Digital E Commerce and Anything as a Service Platforms. These platforms offer Cloud Service Automation, Cloud Service Management plus Cloud Billing, Analytics and Reporting Solutions. He is regarded as a leading expert and thought leader in the field of Business Service Management

Shiju Varghese, Director – IT Infrastructure and Service Delivery

After completing his MBA at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1999 which followed his being awarded a Degree in Business Administration and Management, majoring in Information Systems,from Eastern Connecticut State University in 1996, Shiju has applied his high levels of technical expertise to effectively deliver advanced solutions to solve complex business problems. He has an enviable track record in managing IT Infrastructure / Data Center facilities using the latest technology to match client requirements with appropriate software products and capabilities. Shiju also brings in depth knowledge of security standards and protocols to ensure that new products developed under his supervision, meet relevant international guidelines and legislative frameworks, as ell as the particular requirements of Auditors and the Audit and Risk Committees to which they report.

Prasad S Anvekar, Director – R&D and Product Engineering

Prasad is a technology enthusiast and always considers himself an apprentice of technology. He has over 18 years of experience in leadership roles, with large enterprises and start-ups. He has been associated with organizations like Tesco, EBISU, EDGE. As Director of Engineering of CloudFX, his primary focus area would be to spearhead the technology evangelist role and ensure the adoption of CloudFX products and solutions to transform the IT landscape of our esteemed partners. In his spare time, Prasad has a passion to travel, hiking and photography.