SaaS Management
Platform (SMP)

The Challenge

Customers demand business software that is easier to adopt, integrate with existing systems and use seamlessly with as little technical intervention as possible.

This is where SaaS management platforms (SMP) matters. The challenges that a SMP addresses are



Optimizing license usage

Reducing redundant apps

Contract negotiations & renewals

This in turn creates more opportunities for SaaS providers to offer functional, well-designed experiences and products. As the demand for SaaS products and services increase, pressure on IT increases in order to manage and govern the various SaaS applications. While the benefits of SaaS are significant, it can be dizzying for both IT and end users to keep up with the complexity, cost, governance and number of available commercial SaaS.

IT must focus on value added services to complement SaaS usage. IT needs to mould itself into a cloud brokerage, offering value-added capabilities, including help desk/support for cloud SaaS solutions, integration skills, and procurement and contract management skills for cloud usage.

Welcome to the consumption-led platform economy

The Solution

SaaS Management Platforms change the way organizations manage software subscriptions and usage in the digital age. CloudFX SMP is an integration platform that caters to the on-demand economy. Our platform enables IT to manage the SaaS services lifecycle and offers self-service capabilities to end users to access approved SaaS services on a digital platform.

CloudFX SMP gives you a unified SaaS control centre to manage multiple SaaS applications and build custom automated workflows across the applications. CloudFX SMP delivers

  • SaaS aggregation marketplace
  • Enterprise-grade SaaS lifecycle management
  • Proactive monitoring and management of purchasing, onboarding, licensing, renewals, and offboarding of all the commercial SaaS applications
  • Simplified governance and management of your SaaS applications
  • Automated recurring processes
  • Improved IT support response times

Reasons to Choose CloudFX SMP

CloudFX SMP has the following features

Unified SaaS personalization and management – List of SaaS services based on a selected/personalization category

SaaS aggregation marketplace

SaaS cost management

SaaSOps – managing and securing SaaS services through centralized and automated operations (Ops)

Order management – workflows and approvals based on user roles and access levels

License management

Subscription management

User lifecycle management

Billing and analytics

SaaS governance – visibility and auditability

SaaS sprawl management

SaaS contract right-sizing

Key Benefits

  • Optimize SaaS spend and maximize ROI by understanding what apps and features employees are using and focusing investment on those apps and features
  • Manage SaaS vendors effectively with in-depth understanding of their contracts, price models, license implications and renewal specific
  • Right-size SaaS contracts with detailed usage and cost data that gives you a strong position in contract negotiations
  • Accurately predict future requirements based on historical usage data
  • Improved employee delight due to an agile on-demand experience, frictionless processes and improved collaboration