Digital Marketplace

CloudFX DMP is a self-service e-commerce portal that facilitates the sale of hardware, software, virtual products, physical goods and effectively anything as a service. It not only enables the ordering and provision of goods and services but also automates the management and tracking of orders.

It is a vendor-agnostic ITaaS customer engagement platform that integrates with existing financial management and management information software products through an API gateway.

CloudFX DMP is being used as a B2B e-commerce ITaaS customer engagement platform by Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to

Provision and sell anything including physical products, packaged services, cloud services and SaaS
Deliver digital services in minutes, not days
Integrate with billing, warehousing, customer service management and operations management tools
Track and manage customer activity

Manage subscription-based pricing, tiered functionality and pay as you grow scaling which is vendor agnostic

Provide intuitive and customized self-service portals for customers
Free staff from engagement in 90% of low-value order management activity so that they can pursue high value generating customer acquisition initiatives
Accelerate self-service catalogue creation and reduce time to market for new products and services
Facilitate the purchase process for more complex transactions which require “sales assistance”
Offers customers interactive “My Account” dashboards to manage Cloud Platform and SaaS services.

CloudFX has also developed customer-specific ERP software in association with the deployment of its CFX DMP, which has re-engineered and automated back-office processes to achieve higher levels of efficiency and lower headcount.

An MSP and/or an Enterprise client that elects to use the CloudFX CMP and DMP products suite will gain the benefit of having the ultimate next generation of revenue-generating sales and cloud management platforms which will

Provide single pane of glass dashboards covering live information regarding customer demand as well as supplier lead times and capacity

Generate information regarding month and year to date orders, sales revenue and gross profit margins against budget
Give insights to management regarding critical issues such as overdue Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
Highlight unplanned growth and shrinkage in Warehouse inventories
Identify order vs delivery lags and potential points of failure in the supply chain
Monitor the sales and gross profit margins generated by the top 20 customers of the business
Enable management to implement tactical initiatives on the run based on real time information.
Enable management to implement tactical initiatives on the run based on real time information.