Cloud Management
Platform (CMP)

The Challenge

Organizations, big and small, now have a variety of technology options to choose from when migrating to the cloud. This leads to multi-cloud environments where different applications, workloads and business processes are hosted on respective best-fit public and private cloud resources. Without one comprehensive platform for orchestration, automation and management, IT will struggle to maintain visibility and control over these environments.

This is where a unified and adaptable cloud management platforms (CMP) enable business to manage and govern cloud resources efficiently. The need for CMP is fueled by these three key factors

Enterprises need visibility and greater control over IT costs

Simplify the consumption and management of cloud services though a single pane of glass
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud IT as well Application Software proliferation require the introduction of strong governance, increased security and greater capacity to ensure compliance

Welcome to the consumption-led platform economy

The Solution

Platforms must empower the organizations with the ability to drive the next-gen service architecture to cater to business needs without getting into the trap of technology lock-ins. CloudFX’s Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is a unified platform that

  • Provides a comprehensive Hybrid IT and multi-cloud provisioning, deployment and management experience across business units with better control, compliance and security
  • Facilitates governance and compliance
  • Controls OPEX costs based on usage analytics
  • Enables the benefits and savings generated from shared ITaaS ecosystems
  • Delivers Hybrid Multi Cloud management with superior control and cost management

We, at CloudFX, have spent several years developing and calibrating our CMP to be able to meet the evolving needs of business and IT. CloudFX CMP is now in its 5th generation as a Digital, Cloud, DevOps, GRC and IoT services automation, orchestration and management platform.

Our CMP has been and will remain an open, scalable, modular, flexible and integrated platform for effectively managing the hybrid IT landscape, all from a single pane of glass.

Reasons to Choose CloudFX CMP

CloudFX CMP offers

Continuous Discovery connects CMP to your virtualization, container, network, and storage management systems, where it will discover inventory, map relationships, and listen for changes. The result is a rich, up-to-date and cross-referenced dataset that forms the basis for our advanced management capabilities.

Self-service defines bundles of resources and publishes them in a service catalog, from where they can be ordered by end users. Once provisioned, you can manage the full life cycle of a service, including policy, compliance, delegated operations, chargeback/showback, and retirement.

Compliance scans the contents of your VMs, hosts, and containers, and combines with auto discovery data to create advanced security and compliance policies. Content scanning works without the help of an agent and therefore works for any VM including foreign and un-cooperative ones. SmartState analysis capability allows our platform to peek inside virtual machines, containers and hosts to discover their contents.

Optimization captures metrics for your VMs, containers, and hosts to understand current utilization and normal operating ranges. Then it uses this data to find unused systems, get right-sizing recommendations, do capacity planning, and run what-if scenarios.

Multi-Cloud Management which automate, orchestrate, provision, and manage the lifecycle of your cloud services within a single intuitive, integrated and adaptable platform that can connect your business to more than 20 cloud providers.

Billing & Analytics which dissect and aggregate the costs incurred with individual cloud providers giving businesses the opportunity to use powerful business intelligence analytics capabilities to measure, compare and shift workloads to the most cost-effective providers.

DevOps Tools that enable faster, more agile IT that delivers continuous integration using the most advanced cloud-native micro-service containers and tools like Kubernetes, Docker, Chef, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible and Spinnaker.

Monitoring, Metering and Tracking cloud usage by individual, business unit, location, cloud provider any other metrics that important to organizations by setting automated threshold alerts and approval protocols.

Savings from low initial costs and easy deployment as well as ongoing cost control via a single source of management information across multiple cloud services and SaaS providers.

Charge-Back & Show-Back to eliminate the guesswork about who is using services and institute charge-back controls so that resellers can set, track, and charge for services using the CMP marketplace platform.

Control via improved governance, enhanced risk and compliance protocols as well as multi factor user identification, which takes the guesswork out of who is authorized to have access to information and exercise delegated authorities.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) by setting and enforcing role and rule-based policies that allow users access to services within a framework that offers end-to-end control over the security posture of public and private clouds.

Performance Enhancing Features

Fast, light-weight container-based deployment

 which facilitates integration with legacy systems and enables a faster roll-out of the platform.

Configurable consoles

tailored to a range of roles: “My Catalog” for users, “My Ops” for IT managers, and “My Analytics” for the big picture on performance, consumption, and spend.

Open Standards

Vendor Agnostic | 100% Open Source

Platform Coverage

Applications & Data | Infrastructure and Containers


Enterprise tools integrations | Deployment flexibility
Modular Architecture

Cloud Service Management and CMDB

Native ITSM processes (v3 Compliant)
Monitoring and Reporting | Cloud CMDB – data model

Financial Management and Control

Metering, Billing and Chargeback
Cost Optimization
BI Analytics – descriptive, predictive, prescriptive

Security and Governance

IAM | Policy-Driven
Secure Data and Rest/Transit

Key Benefits

  • An oversight that will identify, in all likelihood, that 75% of IT infrastructure is under-utilized, duplicated or redundant but is still contributing to increased operating costs
  • Automation of previously manual tasks that should reduce IT headcounts by 60% in most circumstances
  • Tools consolidation benefits of over 70% savings on point and time solutions
  • Analytics that can generate databases that can be “mined” to provide greater insights in relation to customer behavior and preferences
  • Management Information from a single pane of glass that can facilitate changes of strategy and activity in response to real-time data
  • Business Intelligence that delivers operating cost savings across whole organizations in the 20-30% range