Our Product Suite

Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

A unified platform to provide a comprehensive Hybrid IT and multi-cloud provisioning, deployment and management experience across business units with better control, compliance and security. What’s more – governance and compliance become a breeze and OPEX costs can be lowered and optimized further based on usage analytics. This platform enables a sharing economy for the business.

Digital Marketplace Platform (DMP)

A transaction platform that provides users the freedom to select hardware, consumables and all categories of goods or services from a wide range of sources made available via enterprise marketplace catalogues. Customers and staff can purchase what is required to meet client needs from official service catalogues based on pre-approved pricing and delegated authorities without management and sales staff intervention, provided guidelines regarding purchaser identity and creditworthiness are satisfied. Inbuilt automation provides clients with information regarding order fulfilment capacity and timeframes and alerts staff if warehouse inventories are insufficient to meet forward demand as well as procurement initiatives to address potential product shortages. This platform enables a digital economy.

SaaS Management Platform (SMP)

An integration platform that provides access to various subscription-based software and services so that users have flexibility to select the software that they need for a specific period of time and for specific business purposes. IT can control usage and switch on and off access for better cost control. This platform enables an on-demand economy.