Embrace the cloud … the CloudFX way

by | May 28, 2020 | Blog

Globally, mature cloud implementations are multiyear projects, should be ROI driven, with well-defined phases and eventually the project success depends on cloud management on going optimizations. Being on the cloud is the starting point of the journey whereas many treat this as end state. This is where cloud management platforms or CMPs support the organization through the many phases of its evolutionary journey. Hence, it has become critical for any organization to hold the horses and assess the market carefully first, before jumping on the best perceived market CSP, based on immediate requirements as this can be a trap with no look back option. Rather, organizations should understand that what is relevant today may be outdated tomorrow. With this, antedating the business evolution is critical to making the long-term investment that a CMP requires. 

Welcome to platform economy. Platforms must empower the organizations with the ability to drive the next generations service architectures based on business needs. This is achieved through open, integrated, modular and scalable platform architecture. At present, many best of breed CMPs are no more relevant in terms of driving truly open, multi-vendor, scalable and vendor agnostic cloud service management due to the acquisitions and are now forced to drive the proprietary agendas causing lock-ins. A plethora of vendors compete — each pursuing a different strategy — to turn virtual infrastructures into cloud environments. Too often, the marketing hype masks such differences and suggests that most CMP solutions are equally good in delivering popular cloud attributes, such as self-service provisioning or workload elasticity. In reality, CMP vendors are profoundly diverse in both product implementations and overall vision.

CSB and CMPs represent mission-critical products that require long-term investments, organizations have to rely on trusted technology partners. Such a recommendation does not imply that IT must preserve the status quo. An organization that relies on a vendor for enterprise system management or for it’s virtualization infrastructure does not necessarily need to rely on the same vendor for cloud management. Quite the opposite; selecting a CMP solution is a unique opportunity to reconsider any ongoing business relationship.

CloudFX believes that customers must consider both near-term and long-term differentiators by looking at the technical roots that each vendor exposes in its product, anticipating the trajectory of each CMP in the coming years and evaluating vendors on their long-term ability to execute.

CloudFX has spent several years developing a platform called CloudSelect, now in its 3rd generation as a Digital, Cloud and IoT services automation and management platform. From the outset, CloudSelect has been and will remain an open, scalable and integrated approach to managing the hybrid cloud landscape from a single point,. Today, we are one of the only cloud and ICT independent Digital and Cloud Service platform providers capable of automating tens of thousands of workloads and yet normalising consumption, provisioning, service management, analytics, billing and payment irrespective of the source of the service. We are proud of where we are but with IoT and AI now in front of us, both driven at some level by API’s, we have developed an incredible platform to evolve into different directions.