Strategic Advisory

Our expert consulting services can provide a comprehensive blueprint for your seamless transition into a fully cloud-enabled business.


The IT world is changing. Accelerating trends – including mobile, big data and, most importantly, cloud computing – are forcing today’s technology leaders to shift their reactive, order-taking cultures into renewed organizations that drive business growth and competitive advantage. The multi-layered transformation this entails carries with it critical questions for forward-thinking IT leaders: what is the role of IT in this new order that is emerging, and what is the path to success for enterprises and service providers?

CloudFX Strategic Advisory services include:


  • Strategic Business Advisory & Financial Planning Services
  • IT-Led Business Model & IT Operating Model Deployment Services
  • Cloud Product Portfolio – Analysis | Creation | Definition Services
  • Customer Analytics & Strategy Services (Internal / External)
  • Cloud Market & Competitive Analytics Services (Service Providers)

Capture the promise of virtualization and cloud

Cloud computing and virtualization provide a tightly integrated computing framework that simplifies and transforms IT. Cloud computing enables businesses to eliminate costly and inefficient silos of IT infrastructure and architect new IT environments that can intelligently and dynamically respond to business needs. Cloud delivers a scalable, secure and manageable infrastructure. This means you can reduce complexity and costs, while empowering the organization with more agility, flexibility and reach.

World-class, impartial expertise

As the promise of virtualization and cloud computing becomes clearer, our clients are expressing the need for world-class, impartial expertise to help them understand the impact that these technologies will have on their businesses. These technologies have the potential to spur innovation and enable competitive differentiation. They are the driving force behind businesses of all types becoming increasingly reliant on technology to drive financial growth, streamline operations, gain market reach and deliver improved customer intimacy.

Our Strategic Advisory work serves as a powerful framework for your critical technology-related decisions


A powerful framework for critical technology-related decisions

Our Strategic Advisory work serves as a powerful framework for your critical technology-related decisions, while providing a foundation for detailed planning to ensure all work is focused on common goals and objectives. Our advisory services enable you to explain your IT strategy to others – from partners and employees to customers and analysts – in order to inform, motivate and involve them throughout your transition into a cloud-enabled business.

Strategic planning and experienced implementation

CloudFX works with clients to implement strategic planning that encompasses company and IT vision, mission, objectives, values, strategies, goals and programs. This is complemented by the development of a financial plan, with supporting business cases, that quantifies the investment and financial return on the technology that can transform your IT environment.

A thorough, data-driven, analytical approach

We take an analytical approach to understanding which service products, billing, metering, consumption models and operational strategies are required to implement world-class IT service management and delivery for your company. We provide recommendations on the operational management and support frameworks you may require to align products, people, process, planning and operational protocols with back-office support functions – spanning service creation, management, delivery, reporting, administration, architecture and support.

Our Strategic Advisory services provide a blueprint for your team to follow in order to streamline your operations and build a world-class brand built upon the highest quality customer experience and IT service delivery.