Service Orchestration

Automate the configuration of physical and virtual entities, and control the allocation of resources shared among virtual services.


A key enabler of IT transformation, Service Orchestration automates the delivery of IT services. Service Orchestration involves connecting and automating workflows, stitching software and hardware components together, as well as designing and implementing the architecture, tools and processes to automatically and efficiently deliver and scale defined services. Done well, processes become transparent, configurable and connected.

Alignment of services to the business

The orchestration of IT services is about aligning the appropriate applications, data and infrastructure to clearly defined business needs and goals. Orchestration is the main engine of an efficient service management and provisioning system, which becomes a provider’s online interface with users and consumers. To realise the benefits of cloud, you need to leverage a fully virtualised platform that can dynamically provision IT resources and utilise Service Orchestration for flexibility and responsiveness.

CloudFX -
Orchestration, Management and Automation (OMA) platform

Service orchestration is about process automation

Service Orchestration is first and foremost a process automation system, pulling work items through a process in an efficient, logical and intelligent manner. Orchestration defines and enables policies and service levels through automated workflows, provisioning and change management – creating an application-aligned infrastructure that can be scaled up or down based on the needs of each application. Orchestration also provides for centralized management of resource pools, including billing, metering and show back/charge back for consumption.

Prime benefits of cloud Service Orchestration

Orchestration automates the configuration of physical and virtual entities and controls the allocation of resources shared among a number of virtual services. It also provides the ability to measure, scale and reclaim resources, enabling IT organizations to substantially reduce costs and improve infrastructure efficiencies by maximizing usage of a shared pool of resources. Service Orchestration accelerates infrastructure delivery and:

From strategy to implementation – spanning integration services to business process improvement to system optimization – CloudFX offers a full spectrum of BSM consulting services, including:

  • Increases business agility by enabling faster time-to-market strategies
  • Allows you to move away from activity-based and ad-hoc approaches
  • Eliminates manual touch points and disconnected systems
  • Minimizes “the usual” delays and improves enterprise collaboration
  • Provides integrated workflows with system-spanning approval chains
  • Improves cycle time, compliance, adaptability, traceability and accountability