Service Orchestration

Orchestration, Management and Automation (OMA) platform

Orchestration, Management and Automation (OMA) platform

To support intelligent and efficient cloud orchestration, CloudFX has developed a robust Orchestration, Management and Automation (OMA) platform with the following features:

  • Self-Service Cloud Portal
  • Product and Service Catalogue
  • Workflow Engine for Task Automation
  • Reporting and Billing

When working with clients on the journey to cloud, we start with a questionnaire and a scorecard to discover and clarify the maturity levels for components required to successfully introduce new services. We look at individual components in detail and provide options and recommendations on how you can develop a more robust orchestration platform from a people, process and technology perspective.

Service on-boarding

A new service requires adequate infrastructure capacity that is able to scale up or down on demand. It requires infrastructure automation and monitoring in place in order to quickly build up the required compute, network and storage resources. Our OMA platform helps you define these processes, including tools for designing, building and deploying new services. This, along with having the right people and partners in place, empowers fast time to market for your services.

End-user on-boarding and service ordering

A self-service portal is vital to the success of any platform, allowing consumers and users to register, order and manage services quickly and effortlessly. Our self-service cloud portal enables the rapid deployment of new catalogue items, is highly secure and allows consumers to track their service requests.

What is Service Orchestration?


Service lifecycle management

Service lifecycle management refers to the management of an operational service throughout its lifetime, from when a customer starts using a service until they choose to decommission, cancel and/or delete the service. Our OMA offers users the ability to fulfill their operational responsibility for a service, while also giving service providers the ability to track a service throughout its lifecycle.

Reporting and billing

The on-demand, agile and instantly scalable nature of the cloud demands a responsive billing engine. Our OMA provides visibility into services and pricing so customers have a clear understanding of what they are paying for. This helps them monitor and track service levels (and SLAs), develop accurate budgets, and effectively plan resources for busy periods.