Managed Services

We help architect, build and manage your cloud workloads.

Infrastructure Managed Services

Our Infrastructure Managed Services reduce Maintenance and Operational costs by adhering to best in class operational management practices, reduces capital expenses and running costs through automated incident management capability, increases your ability to recover from failure (from hours/days to sub-ms to self-healing/proactive prevention) and provides carrier-grade reliability and QoS characteristics to reduce trouble tickets, based on highly adaptive cloud service infrastructure.

Managed Operating Systems

CloudFX brings together policy-driven change management with role-based access to provide OS management services that can be shared and applied consistently across your Enterprise. Policy changes ensures that all modifications and rollbacks are made consistently, reducing manual workload and errors. CloudSelect also provides a uniform system to be used across teams, to ensure the consistency, security, and integrity of managed systems.

Applications and Database

CloudFX provides a comprehensive platform for change, control, compliance, and reporting across all application services within your enterprise. All of this is policy-driven, and ensures complete visibility and control of Applications, Middleware, Infrastructure, and OS elements of the server. Real-time, real-user, and application performance management lets you manage the performance of any user, on any network path, using application and services hosted in public, private, and hybrid clouds.

SaaS Applications Managed Services

CloudFX offers a broad range of SaaS focused managed services that enables incident processes via intuitive, enterprise-scale technology. This includes change management which governs change and releases across the entire enterprise, service request Management which addresses the service definitions and including tracking service levels, service costs, SaaS based asset management to address the entire lifecycle of IT assets from procurement through retirement and finally, SLA's to track, and measure performance and compliance in real-time to view trends, spot problem areas, and minimize disruptions for key business application services.