CloudFX Labs

CloudFX is a dynamic and progressive IT transformation and cloud services enablement firm - A Cloud Technology Business Enabler.

Digital Transformation

Embarking on a IT or Digital transforming journey represents a significant undertaking and one which has the capacity to unlock infinite business possibilities as a result of unprecedented levels of Technology and Business Services agility, Employee enablement and productivity, Innovative IT and Digital service capabilities, vastly improved allocation and utilisation of business assets and significant cost savings, revenue and profitability enhancements.

Best Practices

Despite the potential for transformative business and financial change, the large majority of organisations get IT and Digital transformation wrong by adopting poorly crafted strategic recommendations, myopic and impartial vendor recommendations, overt focus on the "what and why" rather than the how and finally misplaced good intent from internal constituents wanting to deliver positive change but without the necessary experiences to translate emerging best practices into a strategic and operational plan that delivers the phase and pragmatic business improvements their organisation is seeking out.

CloudFX Labs - Philosophy

CloudFX Labs was born out of a philosophy of independent, analytically driven, client focused recommendations which accelerate measurable time to value and revenue for CloudFX clients. Since 2009, we have been at the forefront of enabling IT transformation through the physical to virtual infrastructure transition of some of the world largest company's and more recently, specialising in platform development that addresses the fundamental challenges company's require solutions to in order to reach a truly optimised business and technology end state.

Leading some of the world's largest company's through a journey towards a hyper efficient IT Service Models through Advisory, Consulting, Design and Integration services has offered us the opportunity to gain unprecedented your business into what works, what doesn't and how to achieve fundamental business process and operational change through low risk, proven and measurable methodologies developed over the delivery of more than 1200 projects.

Today, our CloudFX Labs portfolio consists of a proven range of services in addition to a complete set of Cloud business enablement services that bring value to our clients irrespective of where they are in their IT as a Service or Hybrid Cloud transformation journey. Importantly, our Services can be offered independently of our Enterprise and Digital Solution portfolio's or complement our platform services to deliver end to end capabilities from advisory through managed services making CloudFX the largest independent provider of Cloud based solutions and enablement capability in the industry capable of solving and creating meaningful change at every step in the Business and Technology value chain.

CloudFX Labs - Portfolio

Our Professional services methodologies, processes and personnel are recognised industry wide and are used by the largest Enterprises, Technology vendors and Cloud Service providers universally to deliver measurable, quality focused advisory, consulting, design and integration and service management outcomes. Our Services portfolio incudes but is not limited to:

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Enterprise IT as a Service Operating Models
  • E-Commerce Cloud and Digital Services Market Places
  • Single and Multi-Tenant Cloud Service Portal and Catalogue Creation
  • Anything as a Service Models and Advanced Cloud Service Orchestration design
  • Cloud Service API / Adaptor Creation for Automation and provisioning integration
  • Virtual and Cloud Services Workflow Architecture, Integration and Policy creation
  • Multi-Cloud Vendor Management for metered and subscription Billing Services
  • Physical to Virtual, Virtual to Cloud and Cloud to Cloud Migration Services
  • Advanced Consumption modelling and Real-Time Multi-Vendor Cloud analytics
  • Cloud native IT Service Management / Governance design and implementation
  • Cloud DevOp's Services design and Test-Development Architecture services
  • Physical, Virtual and Cloud Multi-Tier Architecture Blue Printing Design Services
  • ISV On Boarding into Cloud Market Place and Single Tenant Service catalogues
  • Multi-Level Cloud Service Catalogues | T2 tenants, Business Divisions, Partner tenants