Enterprise ITaaS Solutions


Our Enterprise Solutions platforms are designed to deliver improved business efficiencies, increased productivity and reduced IT cost and complexity. In parallel, it will provide an underlying technology framework that will enable Enterprises to activate a portfolio of system, connectivity and cloud orientated services and begin to effectively leverage innovative business service capability through one automated and managed platform enabling multi-vendor Infrastructure, Platform and Application services across your business in a secure and scalable model.

Our goals are to ensure our Enterprise clients accelerate their progress in becoming next-generation businesses by successfully executing on 4 primary metrics, each of which will be enabled by the CloudFX Enterprise Platform solutions.

Accelerate Enterprise IT Service Innovation Average Time to Market

  • Enable your business to ingest and test new third party applications quickly and easily, supporting agile and rapid entry into new markets or application innovation (from weeks/months to minutes)
  • Enable your business to turn capacity up/down to meet new application requirements; load, configure and test applications in minutes/hours/days rather than months
  • Enable your business to take advantage of application frameworks to innovate new products from reusable internal/external assets (from months/years to hours/days)
  • Enable your business to provide a platform which facilitates multi-tenant, on-demand service consumption, cutting time to provision from days/weeks to minutes or real-time for their clients.

Reduce Enterprise IT's Average Cost per Business Service Delivered & Managed

  • Enable your business to reduce Customer management, Maintenance and Operational costs by having a standardized Cloud operational management environment
  • Enable your business to reduce Capital Expenses and running costs through automated resource allocation and de-allocation (i.e. higher utilization of computing and network assets);
  • Enable your business to increase their ability to recover from failure (from hours/days to sub-ms to self-healing/proactive prevention) to drive business service availability.
  • Enable your business to maximize Automated service delivery and a high degree of configuration & control when deploying new Cloud services;
  • Enable your business to deliver Carrier-grade reliability and QoS characteristics to reduce internal customer trouble tickets, based on highly adaptive cloud service infrastructure

Increase Enterprise Technology Services Range, Richness & Adaptability

  • Enable your business to increase the number of Cloud enabled business services offered to internal and external customers
  • Enable your business to increase the number of 3rd party services facilitated to customers thereby reducing costs, scaling productivity and integrating at a more strategic level with your internal and external clients.
  • Enable your business to maximize the degree of personalization possible through the delivery of customer service products at a global scale and in real time.

Drive Revenue enhancement via Internal and External facing Cloud Service Portal

  • Enable your business to increase the Number of customers/seats/identities served by Digital Cloud Services
  • Enable your business to scale the Revenue "universe" available by offering new and innovative digital services to each customer, vertical and chosen market.
  • Enable your business to create direct and indirect revenue earned from delivery of third party services, particularly application services driving an increase in connectivity, network and data management related services.
  • CloudFX Enterprise solution will enable a globally integrated technology services marketplace that allows your business to consume services real-time that make Cloud and technology services simple to use, consume manage and measure.