Converged Infrastructure

Centralize and pool IT resources and consolidate systems to increase utilization, efficiency and agility, all while reducing costs.


The proliferation of IT sprawl has caused operating costs to increase and productivity to decline, stifling agility and flexibility. These costs now consume two-thirds of the average organization’s technology budget. The solution is Converged Infrastructure, which centralizes technology resources and consolidates systems to increase resource utilization rates and reduce costs. This is achieved by the creation of pools of computers, storage and networking resources that can be shared by multiple applications and managed in a collective manner using policy-driven processes.

CloudFX Converged Infrastructure services

CloudFX provides end-to-end Converged Infrastructure services with extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Software & Hardware Cloud Adoption and Vendor Planning
  • Virtual and Cloud Architecture
  • Virtual and Cloud Design
  • Virtualization and Hardware Build
  • E2E Integration Services
  • Security & Compliance
  • Data Centre Efficiency Analysis
  • Management Optimization
  • Migration Services
We start with strategy, lead with design and succeed through execution


Unleash new innovations and opportunities

Such a converged infrastructure enables rapid delivery of IT services, which increases business efficiency and agility. The process of ordering, configuring and deploying new servers and other IT services – which previously has taken weeks and involved multiple departments – is reduced to a few minutes and a few mouse clicks. This increased IT agility has the potential to unleash new innovations and opportunities for every enterprise willing to embrace them.

Face the challenge with CloudFX as your partner

However, converging infrastructure isn’t generally simple or easy, because the complexity and sprawl to clean up can be so extensive. Today, industry-wide, many cloud projects are failing – or at least fail to deliver on their promise. We believe the problem is often poor-quality project strategy and design, frequently driven by traditional IT organizations that have evolved to a place where they now lack structure, clear vision, defined roles and effective governance policies.

Start with a solid strategy and design foundation

Converged Infrastructure work is part of the “Transition” stage of our IT Transformation Model. We understand that success starts with a solid strategy and design foundation. With so many specialized components, concepts and technologies involved with converging infrastructure, it is crucial your design team is equipped to make design decisions that ensure maximum value realization with minimal risk.

Build solutions for your unique environment

We start with strategy, lead with design and succeed through execution. We use proven design principles and migration strategies to ensure our Converged Infrastructure projects deliver outcomes that are tightly aligned with your business goals and IT strategy. Solutions are designed for your unique environment and delivered to clear specifications.