Our Approach

Transition. Transformation. Innovation.


Since inception, CloudFX's primary goal has been to lead and enable customers that are wishing to prosper in the Digital Age through the adoption of industry leading Cloud platforms, disruptive technology innovation, world class solution quality and proven advanced services, as primary business model and success differentiators.

The cornerstones of the Company's value creation strategy are 4 inter-related divisions - Enterprise ITaaS Solutions, Digital Cloud Solutions, CloudFX Labs and CloudFX Managed Services. Common to all of these divisions are deep experience, platform solution expertise, product development innovation, and solution delivery quality. Together, these attributes create an unparalleled value chain for our clients to leverage and scale both today and in the future.

Core principles

Fundamental to the Company's strategy, formulated through the delivery of more than 1200 Enterprise projects is the belief that clients must adopt a business perspective to the digital transformation opportunity, enabled through i/nnovative Cloud Services and Solutions. This is based on 3 core principles:

  1. Today's IT Value Propositions are Outdated.
  2. Innovation, Quality and Service Management are the corner stones of the Value Creation Process.
  3. IT Management Practices have reached an Inflection Point.

The CloudFX approach is not anti-IT. Rather, it is founded on the notion of a better-IT perspective that seeks to combine all assets of your organization including Business, Technological, Non-Technological, Tangibles and Intangibles to ensure a business can prospers throughout the duration of the Cloud Era.

The driving principles of the Company's business perspective to Digital Transformation are four-fold:

  • Sustainable value is created when the cloud transition is addressed from the business transformation perspective.
  • The competitive advantages that create value from Cloud are identified when strategy is given priority over technical issues.
  • Cross functional collaboration and competitiveness are outcomes of organizational agility.
  • Architecting cloud service automation and aggregation capabilities makes the implementation and maintenance of cloud services easier.

Industry leading cloud platforms

In the course of establishing a strategic partnering relationship with Enterprise clients, CloudFX,will be unwavering in its commitment to delivering industry leading Cloud platforms, Digital Solutions and Professional Services to achieve the following outcomes to its customers and target markets:

  • The maximization of IT Enabled Revenue Growth by driving an in increase in the percentage of your Online Services Revenue sourced through Cloud based Digital Service innovation.
  • IT Expense Rationalization by delivering real-time IT Service consumption and IT Cost Transparency across Enterprise Clients' business activities.
  • A significant improvement in Employee Productivity (Rev/Head) and User Level Innovation through the adoption of the Company's Enterprise and Digital Solution platforms.
  • The unlocking of Legacy IT Infrastructure to deliver higher utilization of IT business assets, with concurrent reductions in Management OPEX and IT asset depreciation.
  • The simplification of client IT procurement to enable multi-vendor aggregation through single interface management as well as bringing flexibility and choice to the selection of next generation IT supply chains

In summary, CloudFX is committed to delivering technology services capabilities that will bring measurable and innovative change to its clients by pursuing pathways which create value, enable financial growth, support change and drive business services agility for businesses and partnerships with which the Company is engaged.