Our Work


CloudFX is a dynamic and progressive IT Transformation and Cloud Services Enablement firm – a cloud technology business enabler.

We offer advisory services, cloud platforms and a partner ecosystem that together deliver on the promise of cloud computing technologies. Our multi-vendor cloud platforms and strategic services help transform businesses into high-performance, industry-leading organizations with cloud technology as the core driver of innovation and competitive advantage. We unwaveringly focus on delivering 100 percent customer satisfaction with every CloudFX product, service and engagement.

Platforms and an ecosystem that deliver the promise of cloud

We’ve come to realize that no single vendor is in a position to deliver the level of change that enterprises anticipate – not because of the technology, but because of the deep level of knowledge and skills required in numerous complex domains. We know the next technology revolution can only succeed with a world-class ecosystem of IT vendors. Our team has brought together the richest cloud ecosystem in the IT industry today, with all of the Tier One technology vendors our valued partners. Our commitment to partnerships is unmatched, and we continue to build and invest in partnerships as a driving force for our business.

A comprehensive end-to-end service and solutions portfolio

We have built a comprehensive end-to-end IT transformation service and solutions portfolio – from strategic advisory to architecture and integration to service management, operational transformation and Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB). Featuring dedicated client portals, single billing and Tier-0 and Tier-1 multi-vendor support, our cloud-enablement platform services include:

Software as a service that automates the analysis and consult phase of IT transformation and cloud services enablement, delivering deep insights into cloud and IT usage and opportunities.

Our Cloud Service Broker that eliminates the complexity associated with choosing and managing multiple cloud services, physical and virtual service asset management, and service orchestration.

Storage offered as a service with standard interfaces

Services and expertise for business-driven IT transformation

We have a demonstrable track record of executing flawless IT transformation via our professional services for major Asian enterprises. Using virtualisation, world-class tools, and our own IP, we automate service delivery and accelerate benefits realization. We have virtualised over 218,000 servers, 5,000 TB of storage and more than 250,000 client devices in the past few years alone. Our experience and expertise in infrastructure consolidation and optimization is unrivalled, along with:

  • Industry-leading specialist capabilities across all virtualization and cloud domains
  • Purpose-built intellectual property crafted through 900 recent engagements
  • Our ability to help clients separate industry and vendor rhetoric from fact

Staff that is the best of the best

Our focused, passionate technologists have specialist expertise and a deep understanding of cloud technologies. We continue to work hard every day on building even deeper and broader expertise in all aspects of this highly specialized and fast-evolving technology domain. We keep an unwavering focus on delivering value to our customers by working with them to enable transformation, build capability, unlock business value and deliver improved business results and competitive advantage.